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The Logic of a Logo

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

The golden arches with the red background; the silhouette of an apple; and the swoosh of the Nike tick are just a few examples of effective and recognisable graphics which are the corner stones to mainstream branding.

Your logo is your image, your business's identity. Your logo is determined not only by what item or service you're selling, but also by your vision and culture.

So why do we need logos?

There are various reasons why a company should have a logo. It is the visual representation of the business; however, an effective logo should show your business idea, or selling point; like the burger shape on the Burger King logo, or the waves which represent surfing on the Billabong logo.

So why are logos important?

Your logo is one of the first things a potential customer sees. This type of graphic has to be simple, yet memorable. The right balance is difficult to achieve. I strive to understand your target audience so we create a logo that communicates your key message and is attractive, relevant and compelling.

What makes a logo?

Logos can be made of simple shapes, bright colours, or even words. When your brand goes mainstream, your logo can create a strong sense of brand loyalty, encouraging your customers keep on coming back, while recommending your products or services to their friends.

You need to get the right logo for your company. The giant mainstream organisations have all realised how important it is to have a good logo and are prepared to pay millions of pounds to have a logo designed professionally. They look for something that is simple, easy to remember, yet is powerful and will have a big impact. Some of the biggest firms out there spend millions on having an iconic logo; something that is easy on the eyes or memorable. Some firms believe it is worth spending millions of pounds to make sure they get the right logo, like the British petroleum (BP), for example, who spent £149,032,800 on their marketing budget to come up with their logo, whereas, the BBC's logo was created for a mere £1,277,424.

If you've just started up a business or are about to establish company, you don't need to spend as much as BP or the BBC. You can use a good local graphic designer, with experience of working with national companies.

So before you try designing your own logo, just remember that your logo isn't just a few bright colours mixed with some basic shapes. Your logo separates you from your competitors. Something that I take pride in achieving for you.

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