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Infographic Design. Data visualisation. Mobile-friendly graphics. Powerpoint Templates. Print Design. Pitch Decks. Investor Presentations. Marketing presentations. Conference presentations. Finance presentations. Diagrams.  Blog graphics. Comparison. Explainer. Presentation Graphics.

Why Infographics?


Simplifying information and making it reader-friendly is paramount to your audience. I provide informational solutions with a creative edge that will transform them into something that will make you stand out from your competitors. 

Infographics are a visual representation of information, knowledge or data. Your attention span will vary according to who you are and what you do, so using an infographic will get your viewers' attention, present your point quickly and clearly in a visually stimulating way. They can also be colourful, informative and seemingly simple tools that can successfully convey content in an innovative way to inform and attract your target audiences, and most importantly, to help your business boom. 

Increase your web traffic


Another good reason for using infographics is the large attention it can generate towards your business, such as increasing your web traffic by at least 12%. This is because infographics are searchable and frequently appear on search engines such as Google, Facebook and YouTube, easily leading more people to your website. It means your business can be more easily found online and so helps to create a larger online presence for you. In addition, other businesses may choose to use your infographic, helping to further promote your message. Who knows, it might even go viral on social media for you. 

Engage your audience


Using an infographic will not only draw additional audiences to your website but will also help you to demonstrate your expertise on your leaflets, brochures, blogs or emails. Naturally, when people are seeking a product or service from a business, they want to believe and trust that the business can do all that it claims it can do. By using infographics, it shows visually that you have a clear understanding of your services and products. By using an infographic on your website, for example, it will show that your business is unique and informed, satisfying existing customers and potentially attracting others. 

Types of chart I design - from scratch

Statistical infographics

Informational infographics

Timeline infographics

Process infographics

Geographic infographics

Comparison infographics

Hierarchical infographics

List infographics

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