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Logo design.   Brand style guide.  Logo tidy - redraw.  Brand tidy up.  Stationery.  Vector artwork. 

I believe the importance of a well-designed corporate identity is essential to differentiate your brand from its competitors. 


To your clients, a good logo adds value to your business and represents its direction in the market place. I can take your existing brand, move it forward, or start with a blank canvas creating new and exciting ideas to fulfil your needs.


Your logo is one of the first things a potential customer sees. This type of graphic has to be simple yet memorable. The right balance is difficult to achieve. I strive to understand your target audience, so will create a logo that communicates your key message and is attractive, relevant and compelling. 


Logos shouldn't be complicated - they can be made of simple shapes, bright colours, or even words. When your brand goes mainstream, your logo can create a strong sense of brand loyalty, encouraging your customers to return, while recommending your products or services to their friends. 


These ideas can then be taken to another level by branding everything from signage to stationery, exhibitions to brochures, design for your website and social media pages and much more. I also create brand guidelines to help keep your brand consistent.




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