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I'm Georgina, a Senior Graphic Designer with over 20 years experience. Initially, I started my career in multimedia and publishing. I cover many aspects of graphic design to client demand and trends. My passions are infographics and supporting businesses with the pride of excellent and honest communications at every stage of the creative and technical design process. 

Where are you based?

I'm based at the Essex/Suffolk border but work remotely with national and international companies. Over the years, I have worked with a variety of organisations, small to large companies. From 1992-1998, I worked in branding, publishing, packaging and multimedia, from 1998, I have been freelance. A wide variety of work over the years has made me very competent in creating fast and creative artwork for web and print. 

How do you describe yourself? 

I would describe myself as an all-rounder playing an active team member role; I work best with other professionals and creatives that are good communicators and provide a well-written brief. I'm reliable and fast to turn work around under pressure. My passion is infographics, investor pitch decks and anything Adobe Creative Cloud. I enjoy research and the consistency of branding and guidelines. 

What do you currently do? 

(January 2021) I work remotely for several companies such as digital marketing agencies (UK), science groups (USA), recruitment groups (Canada & USA), technology groups (Germany & Singapore), finance companies (New York and Switzerland). Also electronics, law, care and educational groups (in the UK). The type of work I have a lot in at the moment are infographics, presentations, and digital marketing.

What are your strongest skills? 

I would say InDesign and Illustrator, in equal measure, Photoshop. I like to work with vector and large-scale artwork too. I also have a demand for editable presentations; therefore, I also use Google Slides and Powerpoint as many of my clients like to be able to edit the text too, I like pushing the software's boundaries. 

What was your favourite project? 

I'd say working with Guy's & St Thomas NHS trust in providing creative and fun ways to inform investors about how their new hospital systems will work, creating personas illustrating how patients experience and benefit this new system, in a fun and memorable way. I also really enjoy working with a digital marketing agency providing interesting and fun ways of providing infographics/data visualisation.

How do you work, do you take on pitch work? 

I work on a contract (daily or hourly basis) using time recording software. Most clients like a monthly bill if the work is ongoing. If you are from outside the UK - I can set you up on a portal which is easy to use. I prefer a written / visual brief using the final text or information over email and zoom. I use a network of professionals for more specialised areas if needed. I never take on pitch work as I feel it is unfair, and my time is precious to me.

What do you do in your spare time?

My downtime is really important to me - I have three daughters so like to spend time with them, I enjoy landscape photography, kayaking and spending time with cats too!

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